Life is better when we are at ease with ourselves.

At times, we need help to overcome the problems that life can throw at us.  So finding the right therapist is the first step in helping to explore the issues and concerns that can weigh us down.  It’s a therapeutic relationship that is built on trust, expertise and understanding – with your needs centre stage.

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As we know, life can throw us many challenges which we can feel unprepared for or deskilled to manage these stresses.  I offer you a warm, safe and emphathetic environment in which you can talk freely and work together to explore the issues and concerns, that can weigh you down in order to bring about realistic and lasting changes that are in your best interest. 


Therapy can help with:

* difficulties within a current relationship or forming new healthy


* feelings of stress and anxiety

* low mood or feelings of depression

* loss of confidence or low self esteem

* anger management

* managing adult family conflicts

* loss and bereavement


Life can be too full.  Too much 'stuff' on your plate.   Maybe unresolved childhood traumas and needs have not been met and they keep popping up and complicating your present life.  Therapy offers you a space to explore the difficulties that may be facing you and the experiences that can influence them.  




When there is distress or communication has broken down in the marriage or relationship, one or both will usually feel some emotional disconnection.  You can often feel stuck and feel you are unable to get back in the right direction.


Psychological and physical change through adolesence can have a huge impact on young people emotionally, which can be very distressing.  Talking to an adult who is not their parent or carer can be an extremely beneficial way to explore their feelings.

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