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Whether external or internal reasons, we all face many challenges in the busy world that we live.    Life can be too full, too much 'stuff' on your plate and you may feel stuck, stressed or burnt out.   Maybe unresolved childhood traumas and needs are not being met that continue to pop up and disrupt your present life and intimate relationships.   Within the therapy we are able to work collaboratively in setting realistic goals that can be achieved in building on your own unique strengths and skills.   Individual therapy enables you to explore these potential new perspectives and alternative life choices, creating an enhanced healthier emotional and physical life.


If one person is unhappy in the marriage or relationship, it is a relationship problem.  Everybody has individual issues and patterns of behaviour, and those do play into any relationship.  So while those need to be addressed, it is within the context of couple therapy that you see how they accidentally get triggered on both sides, and how each of you contributes to both the distress and the joy.  Whether there is a breakdown in the communication, recovering from an affair or infidelity, incompatible sex drives, parenting differences, couple therapy enables both parties to understand each others' point of view and to find common ground, couple therapy facilitates couples to make a conscious choice in new ways of communication.

Family problems can emerge in the healthiest of families resulting in challenging, hurtful and frustrating interactions among family members. 

Family therapy enables family members, couples and others who care about each other, to express difficult or distressing issues and thoughts safely.  Family Therapy aims to enable people to talk, together or individually. To understand and appreciate each other’s experiences, views and  needs.  To build on peoples' strengths and relational resources and to make useful changes in their relationships and their lives.  To be sensitive to diverse family forms and relationship, beliefs and cultures.  


Individuals can find Family Therapy helpful, as an opportunity to reflect on important relationships and find ways forward.

Fee Structure and Appointments

Fee structure is on request. 


I offer an initial free 20 minute telephone consultation to discuss the issues and to look at the best way forward.  All face-to-face sessions are 50 minutes.

Should you need to move an appointment I will try to accommodate you where possible.  If there is a cancellation at short notice (within 24 hours) you may be liable to pay the full session fee.

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